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Professional Speaking to transform attitudes and behaviours

How can public speaking make a difference at your event?

Yoke van Dam is a professional speaker, a behavioural change expert and a storyteller. She delivers her message using humor and energy, fully engaging the audience. She is respected as a thought leader in the sales, people engagement and leadership space. Her talks feature practical case studies, challenge perceptions and encourage change that can be implemented holistically.

You can look forward to Yoke:

  • Instilling a passion for persuasion, leadership and feedback
  • Inspiring leaders to act with integrity
  • Challenging your team to live happy productive lives

Yoke offers public speaking talks on sales, leadership and emotional intelligence.

Topic 1:  The Raft

Some leaders assume positions of power because they have the right connections. They often lead with a punishment mentality and create a culture of fear and blind obedience. Then there are leaders who possess a set of sound core values that don’t get shaken when things go wrong. They don’t need to constantly hold out a carrot for their tribe to follow them. Join us as we travel through history to see who failed miserably in one of the world’s greatest leadership disasters, and who led their teams to safety with integrity and trust.  This keynote is ideal for leadership conventions or management breakaways.

Topic 2: Sales and persuasion: How to Make the Horse Thirsty 

The art of persuasion, believing in your idea, or “buying in” is becoming a core need for leaders, sales and marketers. Hone this skill and you can radically transform your team’s performance and bottom line. Yoke’s humorous and practical keynote will leave you and your team with simple, effective techniques to implement in your business.

This keynote is popular among sales audiences, marketers and business leaders.                                 

Book Yoke van Dam as your speaker for your next sales conference, leadership convention or management breakaway at yokevandam@y-connect.biz or 076 7900 582

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Public Speaking

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