Customer Testimonials

Y-Connect have had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles and this is what some of the people had to say about our training, coaching and professional speaking:
  1. Yoke is a conscientious professional with a great interest in what makes people tick and how to help them learn in ways that deliver real outcomes. She is an example of someone who continues to learn and improve even after she's mastered the game. She's curious and experiments, then shares her insights with others. In this she's a similar personality to others like the Wright Brothers, Nelson Mandela, or Steve Jobs: entrepreneurs who saw the world as it is and decided to create a better way.
    Nic Read -Executive Chairman, SalesLabs, Visiting Professor and Bestselling Author
  2. Born to teach, nurture and inspire. I was always in awe of Yoke's ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. Attend one of her session’s -you will walk away inspired! Yoke is a walking ROI!
    Sean Sharp - Head of Sales, Primedia
  3. Yoke uses her marketing and training knowledge to give insights and strategic ideas in order to assist with increasing ROI. Her way of telling stories has helped my new and current staff learn new ideas or get up to speed quickly.
    Antoinette Knoetze - Head of National Call Centre, Auto Trader
  4. Yoke is always encouraging people around her to move themselves forward. I found her to be an excellent trainer & facilitator. She not only knows her theory very well, she is able to draw on a crowd, get them to communicate and come up with solutions. I would highly recommend her for any Change management, Conflict resolution work-or training and Facilitation.
    Faizah Mahomed - Finance Manager, Auto Trader
  5. Yoke is one of the most helpful people I have come across in my working career. I have always appreciated her initiative and constant assistance in building and growing my team. Her training sessions were of immense value.
    Tamzin Janse van Vuuren - Head of Corporate Advertising, Auto Trader
  6. Y-Connect offered training on various skills for the sales staff from telephones skills, body language, social media marketing and processes was really valuable. This was a 5 week period. We have seen a big improvement in reporting, following up with clients, following processes and also in the sales staffs dealing with clients. The feedback on each and every module and interaction is very insightful and it has given us numerous action points and ideas from which to improve our business.
    CEO Epson Pre-owned Motors
  7. Training is her passion, you actually hang on to every word she says and she really makes you think and look at things differently. Her NLP skills were an absolute asset to the training-my team members asked to have her out with them in the field to coach them.
    Bela Stander - Sales and Marketing Manager, Jawbone
  8. Wow I highly recommend Y Connect to any business, staff morale, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence heightened. Y-Connect offered 4 interventions for Poswa Inc across all branches in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Umhlanga. We look forward to further implementation and Culture workshops in all regions.
    Linda Linda Kgasoane-Human Resources at Poswa Incorporated.
  9. Feedback on the Power of Persuasion Presentation Boot Camp: I enjoyed how practical it was. Yoke made participants comfortable to share and discuss their own situations so we could learn from each other.
    Radhi Vandayar Strategic Learning and development Manager
  10. Feedback on the Power of Persuasion Presentation Boot Camp: "I will definitely apply the construction tools in preparing a speech. As well as being more conscious of my body language and delivery. I learnt a lot about myself, my bad habits, body language and voice control, as well as how to improve these aspects when delivering a speech. The areas I have for improvement are Body languages, nerves, speech preparation and structure."
    Jessica Fairman-Marketing and Sales Specialist -Accelerate Brand Services
  11. Y-Connect offered behavioral change workshops to 6 different divisions at Care Net Consultants. This was all based on behaviour, attitude and skill change-the work is long-lasting. "Y-Connect’s training is informative, knowledgeable and fun." Barteld Bakker - CEO “I loved the interaction and advice on treating clients better-and how to solve problems in an effective way" Tshanduko Raphulu -Accountant.
    Feedback from Care Net Consultants
  12. Feedback on the Power of Persuasion Presentation Boot Camp: "I learnt how body language works, and understanding that we all have nerves, its about channeling that energy somewhere else and using it in a positive way. I learnt how to structure my speeches, how to unpack a situation in a story that we will be using in our presentations. Everything was well balanced. What I want to work on, is my posture while presenting"
    Robbie Gien- Marketing Sales Manager at Excellerate Brand Management
  13. Power of Persuasion Boot Camp feedback: "I can apply the methods of breaking down stories into a set structure in my presentations going forward, as well as making those stories relevant to the specific target audience in the room. I learnt how to use metaphors, alliteration, call-backs and triplets for effect in my talks. I will be working on my structure and body language going forward. I also learnt that confidence is a state of mind."
    David Fischer - Excellerate Brand Management -Marketing Sales Specialist
  14. In 2014 Yoke did two training sessions for 20 managers of the Symeg Trading Group, to grow Leadership and Customer Services. “Your training was amazing. You won't believe how we spent the whole year on your tools, the topic is just diverse. We couldn't exhaust it.
    Harold Magogo - Operations manager at Symegtrading
  15. Fantastic facilitation -Last night I experienced something that made my jaw drop. Yoke facilitated a club level speech contest for two Toastmasters clubs and she was organised like I have never seen anyone in that role before, excellent flow and control! Well done.
    Willem Gous - Life Design for Business Owners
  16. On behalf of the Bloemfontein Poswa Inc Team I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for travelling to Bloemfontein yesterday and presenting your training workshop at our offices. Your presentation was enlightening and inspirational. I have already noticed an improvement in the way that things are being done at the Bloem offices. Everyone here had a “frog” for breakfast. We’ll continue to work hard towards becoming more productive and emotionally mature.
    Natassja Nel -Poswa Inc Associate | Conveyancer | Notary
  17. In this industry tempers can sometimes get out of hand. We asked Y-Connect to teach our staff techniques to calm themselves down and not to take things personally-the trainer was highly interactive-our staff were fully engaged, and learnt techniques they still use today.
    Richard Opperman - Phat Account Executive
  18. Yoke van Dam from Y-Connect enlightened Mensa Pretoria during our AGM/Speaker Evening (8 November 2017) with her "A Dophin's Guide to Healthy Relationships" delving into Co-dependence. This was not her first, nor last, appearance at a Speaker Evening and she truly is a wonderfully engaging speaker that hits a chord with people from all walks of life. Thank you for your patience with us, Yoke. We are looking forward to your next one already.
    Shaun Heunis- National Marketing Officer, Mensa South Africa.
  19. Yoke was the keynote speaker at an awards ceremony at Wits Language School, with an audience of 200. She managed to endear herself to her audience and at the end of her presentation every person in the room could take away a special message. Yoke analysed her audience and created a speech suitable for the participants and the event. Her speaking style and her easy-going natural flair makes her a delight at any social event. The participants spoke about her presentation long after the event.
    Gene Mathey - Wits Language School Lecturer Diploma in Legal Interpreting
  20. Feedback on Interview and Personal branding Coaching: Thanks so much for all the information you have provided, I really appreciate all your help.
    Mariella Smith-Channel manager-Old Mutual Insurance
  21. Thank you for the Interviewing Skills training. I was successful in applying for the job- and look forward to updating my Linkedin Profile according to your recommendations.
    Andre Stumke-Old Mutual Insurance
  22. Yoke van Dam was the Speaker at Mensa Pretoria on the 8th November 2017. We found her talk to be engaging and informative, a topic on Co-dependence and healthy relationships that related to everyone in the audience. The members have requested to have her back again as a Speaker. Well received and professional.
    Tim Knights-Past International Director Mensa International Limited
  23. Thank you for training the Interns at Old Mutual Insurance the past two days. Thank you for facilitating the sessions and kindly note that the feedback from the interns is great. They all believe they learnt some skills and tips they never knew before. We will definitely call you again should the need arise.
    ANN Mukudu, Interns and Learnership program-Old Mutual Insurance
  24. Thank you for the Digital training and consulting that Y-Connect provided to Medpharm. We took the feedback, managed to get finance and have redesigned our entire user experience on the website. This is much more user-friendly and ideal for digital advertising in the Medical space. Your feedback was the start of it. Thank you for introducing us to Janus at SnowGlowb Advertising.
    Chantelle Janse van Rensburg -Publisher Medpharm
  25. Refreshing, dynamic and enthusiastic Speaker - loved her slides and creativity in her presentation at the #EBW2020 (Empowering Billion Women by 2020) Gauteng Chapter Dec meeting! Thank you Yoke!
    Charlotte D Blignaut-Transformation Coach, EBW2020 Chapter leader SA
  26. I had the pleasure of attending Yoke's talk on co-dependence. Her unique style of drawing reference, quotes and metaphors made it an enjoyable while the topic itself has huge relevance for all not only in the workplace but in their personal lives too. I highly recommend using Yoke to grow your leaders and create awareness that will ultimately affect change.
    Candice Goldsmith-RADA Training Facilitator, Freelance trainer