Transforming leaders and teams

We join, develop and transform leaders and teams into something quite wonderful.

Training & Facilitation

Whether your sales team want to up their game, or staff morale and internal communication need a boost, we teach both the theory and practical skills to achieve the best outcome for your company and its people.


Leaders who lack confidence or interpersonal skills cannot get the most from their teams. Our individualised coaching sessions shape leaders who communicate effectively and inspire synergy.

Public Speaking

Need an engaging speaker for your next conference or company event? We offer customised keynotes on topics such as behavourial change, persuasion and thought leadership delivered by a Distinguished Toastmaster.

Staff engagement & productivity low?

A specialist in neurolinguistic programming, Yoke van Dam utilises emotional intelligence skills to help employees truly connect with their company’s culture, purpose and core values. She coaches leaders and team members to be more effective, which increases their overall productivity and improves their internal and external relationships. She also coaches business and team leaders to become engaging speakers who can deliver memorable presentations to small and large audiences.

The Y-Connect Difference

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Yoke, your energy is contagious!  You facilitated very sensitive sections with ease and made us feel safe and accepted.  Your ability to debrief the first video and allow delegate participation is worth commending you for. I loved your facilitation style of getting the group to discuss the video, not telling them what you think but asking specific questions to get us to talk.


Your use of stories of other people resonated well with me.  It showed your ability to apply what they had learnt to what we were covering in the section.  Your level of detail gave me enough to be interested and see the connections to the key points of learning. 

Di Timberlake

Di Timberlake

Optimization specialist from Strategy International

While no-one was prepared for a global catastrophic event such as Covid-19, it was the optimal time for Yoke’s Power of Persuasion Bootcamp to reach me. Yoke’s professional approach is warm, inclusive of everyone in the group. She succeeded in creating a safe space for a diverse group of people who were initially strangers and created a bond between us. We could ask honest questions and learn new skills.

One of my favourite yet challenging topics in the course was the Empathy Map
It helped me to find deeper solutions that my personal brand can offer others!

Value takeaways : –
My business streamlined for the full capacity of online presentation👍
My sales pitch adapted to online needs👍
My business approach, mindset reframed👍
Anyone with a newly developed business, or an established business that needs to move online would benefit from Yoke’s NLP techniques, personal training style and attention to detail.

Karien Jordaan

Karien Jordaan

Leadership and Parenting guru at Tall Trees

Thank you Yoke for your 6 week Power of Persuasion Bootcamp – it was a great opportunity to learn more about communicating online and through video. I feel a lot more confident on video subsequent to your bootcamp and have a real sense of the power in short, punchy and to the point, as well as the value of storytelling. I am working on several videos for my business now and hope to make it a primary medium of communication for marketing over the next few months. Thank you for being an incredibly generous trainer and providing constructive and honest feedback!

Briony Liber

Career and Business Coach

Y-Connect’s facilitator Yoke took us through a wonderful journey of ‘lack confidence’, to ‘absolulte confidence’ in her Power of Persuasion course. I feel much more comfortable presenting to an audience from a Zoom platform and understanding the nuances that comes with it. Her endless Energy and sincere desire for one to succeed makes you want to come back for more! I strongly recommend any facilitators, presenters, sales people – to join Yoke’s Power of Persuasion course or even her coaching to take your mindset / business to the next level.

Events travel specialist

Nina Pieters

Feedback on Yoke’s facilitation of Co-dependence and Tribe Care at the Self-care Tripod course: “Yoke was very enthusiastic. She kept the pace up and the flow.   I  loved the ending exercise, she facilitated it really well.  “

Michael Coyle

Co-founder at Coaching Culture Clubs

I joined the Power of Persuasion Bootcamp to learn how to run a web-based training course. I really enjoyed the Emotions Map; learning by experience in giving my presentation and the peer-to-peer learning.

You are an amazing facilitator and you literally ooze energy with every word and expression! Thanks also so much for the wonderful coaching session that has allowed me to focus my business strategy hugely!

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Professional speaker and CEO GrowthLeaders Africa

I highly recommend Yoke Van Dam’s online 6 week Power of Persuasion course . I chose to go on it when I realized that I could benefit from clear guidance & helpful tips on to how to run my workshops online . I was also particularly drawn to the section on how to make engaging videos for use in getting my message across . Yoke has the most incredible gift in helping one turn your message into a story line that itself .Her bubbly compassionate personality enables one to grow with ease & confidence in her sessions and she is a highly motivating business leader . For anyone who may feel overwhelmed in knowing where to start making the changes in order to pivot your business online , Yoke provides a wealth of information & practical guidance.

Lorraine Gace

Lorraine Gace

Home and lifestyle change consultant

I really enjoyed seeing different perspectives and getting to know people.  It was very interactive and a lot of fun.  Something new, not like most team buildings. All the training was relevant.

-High Performance Team Development Program

tough conversations

Laetitia van Rhyn

Specialist Pharmacist: ChroniLine (Executive team)

I attended a two day High Performance Team development program based on the 5 Dysfunctions of a team.  I highly enjoyed to see how our team communicates and interacts, to realise that we have the potential to work together effectively.  I gained insight into the dynamics of a team and enjoyed being able to speak openly in a safe space.

Estee Fourie

Estee Fourie

Specialist Pharmacist (Executive Team)

On behalf of my team of Principals and Educators at the Beauty Therapy Institute, I would like to thank you so much for the time you spent with us during our recent Franchise Development Forum. You spent time with our team, assisting in expanding themselves and showing them the way forward… You have contributed in a meaningful way in assisting us in this quest.

Sandy Fuhr

Director, Beauty Therapy Institute

Storytelling is not only one of the best ways to teach, inspire and to get your audience to take action. It’s also considered one of the best tools to effect change management initiatives.  I’ve never seen anyone tell emotive “call to action” stories like Yoke van Dam. She has the ability to teach and use stories in a way that inspires people to strive for more and to become the better versions of themselves.  I highly endorse her as a vastly capable trainer, speaker, leadership and people development partner.

Attended one of Yoke van Dam speaking engagements

Kk Diaz

Marketer, author, speaker

Super super fantastic content at today’s camp 1 of the Power of Persuasion Presentation Bootcamp.

It was phenomenal and I’m so glad I was part of it. Sculpting my passion and craft. 

Thank you so much for your passion and knowledge imparted to us today.  You were amazing.

Professional speaker

Nqobile Nkosi

Professional speaker and Image Consultant

In this industry tempers can sometimes get out of hand, I wanted Yoke to teach our staff techniques to cope better, to build better boundaries and to have better relationships with each other. Her training course was highly interactive,  everyone were on there feet – engaging in the process.  Yoke’s training is extremely valuable, and she taught us skills that we can still use today. I highly recommend using her for Changing behaviors, as Speaker or Motivator.

Richard Opperman

Richard Opperman

Phat Brand Activation

My gratitude goes to you ESPECIALLY for the excellent teaching skills and courteous personality when training which helped the interns tremendously through the interview processes. You also got some of them out of their shells and they managed to grab job opportunities availed to them.

Ann Mukudu

Old Mutual Insure

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

We make use of a vast amount of engagement tools, that will ensure that your team has the chance to:

engage, collaborate, brainstorm and partake in fun quizzes.  In our Presentation bootcamp the delegates all get the chance to present online as well.

We prefer using the Zoom platform, but are very open to using whatever platform you prefer. We prefer doing sessions for a maximum of 1.5 – 2 hours at a time, and break up a 1 or 2 day course, over a few days, or over a few weeks.

Neuroscience has proven that you can only concentrate so long, and we believe in implementation and interaction.

You can email our offices at yokevandam@y-connect.biz with the following details:

  • Date of your event.
  • The number of delegates attending.
  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • What other speakers and topics will be on the agenda?
  • What do you want to achieve through this keynote, masterclass or training session?
  • Please send your company organogram and any details that can assist Y-Connect in preparation before meeting to discuss your brief.
  • What topics have already been discussed in this past year?
  • All Y-Connects courses are fully customisable according to your specific needs and outcomes of your business. Set up a Zoom or Skype call, or schedule an appointment to discuss your brief and objectives with Y-Connect.
  • Yoke has trained CEOs, directors of companies, sales and Marketing personel and business executives. The types of coaching vary depending on the clients needs. Some CEOs have asked to deal with anxiety in public speaking. Others have dealt with phobias, work-life balance, leadership, resolving conflict, giving performance appraisals and tough feedback to their staff.
  • She has coached sales and marketing directors on managing their teams, how to motivate them, and how to keep the teams accountable.
  • Her coaching can help you change your patterns,to become a great leader with integrity, that people will trust and want to follow.

Yoke can customise her keynotes completely according to your objectives. Her topics range from sales and leadership, to people engagement and changing behaviors. Click here for more details.

Coaching can happen at your offices if you are based in Johannesburg, or via Skype or Zoom from anywhere in the world.

  • A data projector.
  • Flip chart with markers.
  • Notebooks for delegates.
  • Teas and lunches for all delegates and for the trainer.
  • We do offer our services outside of South Africa as well.
  • All travel and accomodation has to be provided by the agent who is making the booking, or can be billed seperately.
  • Please arrange a Skype or Zoom meeting to discuss your specific needs and to find out international training and speaking rates.
  • Please confirm your timezones, so that we can find a time that can work for both parties.
  • Please arrange an appointment to meet via email at yokevandam@y-connect.biz so that we can arrange either a Skype or Zoom call.
  • Please send me three dates and timeslots that can work for you.
  • Here are my Skype details: https://join.skype.com/invite/hB2d3lBkPXri

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