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How to get a contract renewed with a major corporate?

Do you have a major sales contract that needs to be renewed? How do you plan for success for this Sales meeting? … Read More

How to sell at a higher price

Are you running around, having many calls and meetings and still struggling to hit your target?
I had the same problem. I had to learn to anchor higher in sales. If you are in consultative sales we can help you develop your sales team to sell at a higher yield and make their targets easier. … Read More

Do your teams feel safe to make mistakes?

Are your teams allowed to make mistakes, and if they do, how do you handle it? How can you as a leader create a safe space for your teams to take risks and try things out? … Read More

Limiting beliefs in sales

What stops you and your team from selling, connecting and pitching?

Ever since lock-down happened in March 2020 many business owners and salespeople have felt embarrassed to sell to their clients in a rocky and uncertain economy. How has it been for you? Have you thought or believed any of these … Read More


How do you create your own happiness?

How do you create more happiness in your life? How do you take control back? What can coaching help you with? … Read More

Managing remote teams-leadership and management tips

How can you manage your teams if they never come into the office, and are working at home?

How do you manage teams that are working from home? What about managers that mostly work from home? If they are self-isolating, does that mean that they get a “get out of jail free” card in Monopoly, and never have to do any real management, give inspiration to their teams and coaching? … Read More

Caspar Craven

Be more human with your teams

“When business get out of lockdown and move back to the old or new normal, will people go back to being less human, focusing on profits rather than people, like they were doing in the 90’s? “ Caspar Craven, author … Read More

Teamwork with Y-Connect

Why is teamwork crucial right now?

As the second wave hit the world, most countries have been in lockdown, others have extreme social distancing, and most people will be working from home again. What I’ve seen with many of my clients, is that working from home … Read More