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At the end of October every year, I am always slightly shocked to see Christmas decorations in every store. It’s as if its signaling to our brains, that it’s Christmas time.

Time to switch off, relax and hit the beach. And that’s just what my brain wanted to do.

But I decided to trick my brain and add a last bit of stamina, inspiration and drive for the year. In November, I am interviewing 4 inspirational Entrepreneurs on all areas of Goalsetting.

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On Monday’s interview, Ronel Jooste-serial award-winning Entrepreneur, that has multiple businesses including a guest house, a financial consultancy and who is a qualified fitness trainer, shared her core insights on:

  • How she moved beyond her dreams, ideas and desires, and managed to take action
  • Some of her top tips and strategies for goalsetting.
  • How you need to incorporate your staff in your dreams, goals and desires, and how this translates into Employee engagement, loyalty and business success.
  • How qualitative results can impact your businesses bottom line-with case studies from her Guest house
  • How goalsetting needs to become part of your daily activities.

Ronel has also made these resources available after the interview:

Download Free Financial Goalsetting workbook: https://mailchi.mp/financiallyfitlife…

Register for Free master class series: http://financiallyfitlife.co.za/webin…

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Written by Yoke van Dam

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