Are you tired of your Sales people who don’t hit their target? Do you want to change that the rest of this year?

How to hit your target
Overwhelmed, tired, suffering from burnout? How to thrive into 2020

Does your Sales Team have an Action plan in place for rest of the year?

Do they lack motivation or are they struggling with burnout? How often do they hit their target?

Do you feel like you are sitting with a lot of dead weight weighing you down?

So often in our conversations with Sales Managers and business owners, only a few salespeople carry the weight of the entire team. They are the only ones who hit their target. They eventually get burnout, feel undervalued and overworked and resign -leaving a huge revenue gap for the business.

Planning, prioritizing and having a clear action plan can help the rest of your team see their goals their target and also what steps they need to take to get there.

When people get too overwhelmed, they don’t even try. Because someone else will sort out the target for the rest of the team, right?

If this is your Sales Team, speak to us, we can help your team with Individual Coaching, Group coaching, compiling their sales strategy and action plan.

Re-engineer your sales team, and keep your star performers, while also uplifting their morale and the rest of the team.

So our advice is…

Reflect on how you can hit your target
Take the time to learn and develop a Growth Mindset

Go sit down, with a cup of coffee. Allocate 30minutes and listen to our radio interview with Dave Nemeth on the Design Authority. This Training session can help you uncover core ideas as a Sales manager. This 30-minute radio interview that can be very helpful for you and your sales teams, sales managers and General Managers. Especially if you are not finding it easy to get your teams to sell.

What did other sales teams say?

It was very engaging and the trainer excellent,  it reminded me how important our CRM system can be

“The facilitator knows what she is doing, and the way she trained it was wonderful. I really enjoyed the tactics to be more effective. There was a lot more practicals and engagements in the group discussions in order to show that we understand what we are doing. It was absolutely an eye opener, so even the expertise that I had were touched and elaborated on “

“A detailed and insightful information on the consulting work, I need to take up. I enjoyed practical examples you used which made me understand it much more. Excellent slide show”

“The training mainly based on how we should improve our sales be pro-active, plan ahead and put time-frames to our goals. It also taught us how to “Eat our biggest frogs” those aAre the things we are scared to do, even that we are not good at, to face our giants in the business industry.

It was very practical and I can use it at work and even beyond”

If you need help with your sales team, contact us!

Stories to hit their target
Storytelling sells

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