How do you create your own happiness?


Is happiness an inside job for you? Written by Yoke van Dam

When reading, Martin Seligman’s ( the father of Positive Psychology’s) book: Authentic happiness, I realized there is a formula for happiness. By focusing on matters that are in your own control.

I decided many years ago to create more of my own happiness, to no longer wait for opportunities but to create them for myself.

Here are some of the things on my happiness list ( I schedule, plan, and even budget for these)

👍knowing that I’m working on my health thus:
eating healthy meals, regularly exercising.
👍Getting outside, I’m a nature freak, I grew up in the Lowveld and ever since I was little we would always be swimming in some or other waterfall. Now, I plan and even budget to get to places in nature.
👍Spending quality time with loved ones.
I go as far as writing down, what friends do I want to see for what purposes.
👍Cooking fancy meals and doing a wine-pairing
👍Reading a good book

Have you ever made a list on what you haven’t done in a while?

Can you save for some of it? Can you schedule it?

Go out there and plan for your own joy, happiness, and fulfillment, and tell me how it went?

As a Coach I often help my clients to focus on what is in their own control, so that they can create a fulfilling career, work-life balance or step up as a leader.

Chat to me if you want to schedule a coaching meeting.

I would love to be your guide, I help clients with:

  • Getting confidence for big meetings, pitches and public speaking
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Stepping into your power-being confident as a leader or a CEO
  • Helping you prepare for a presentation, talk or story
  • Build case studies or business stories
  • Finding meaning and purpose with work
  • Becoming more productive
  • Getting out of their own way
  • Letting go of fears and limiting believes
  • Becoming powerful influencers.
  • Becoming a stronger leader
  • Acing your sales presentation, pitch or process

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