How to delight your customer, after doing the sale

How many times, do you make a purchase, and you never hear of that company ever again?

The salesperson would do lots of effort and follow ups, until they have the deal, but then you have very little after sales service.

I was recently telling you about the Private Game reserve, where me and 7 other friends stayed at recently. But what I didn’t mention, was how they absolutely delighted us during our stay.

When you walked into the Guesthouse, you had a porter taking your luggage to your room. Before we’d even arrived, they sent us an email with everything that the guesthouse would be providing us with, so that we wouldn’t pack double.

They even offered to light our fire for the braais, but what I appreciated most was the fresh flowers on the table, and how at every evening and morning-a brand new table setting and décor was done for our group.

It’s sometimes those small little touches that make all of the difference.

What could your sales teams do, to make your customer’s experience just that bit better?

Well done Naledi Game farm, you exceeded our expectations.

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