How to win the match in tennis as in business

Last night I watched quite an old romantic comedy, Wimbledon (2003) and I was so inspired when I saw the relevance to sales and business today.

Is your mind in the game, or do you give the game away when other players play dirty?

Yoke van Dam

 So often in business, people just walk away from a deal if it becomes too much of a hassle.

  • Do you allow the other player to get into your head, and to win at the “mind game”
  • Do you play to your own strengths and to their weaknesses?
  • Do you complete a competitor analysis, to see where you stand in the market. To understand what makes you unique and how you can outwit everyone else?

Lessons from tennis

  • With a strong serve, you can win an entire set. How can you have the advantage of going first. Ever heard of the “First mover’s advantage”?
  • Fitness is crucial: physically but also mentally.
  • How resilient are you in business? Are you able to pick yourself up if you’ve fallen down? If you get hurt, do you just yourselves of, and carry on? Or do you walk away from the game?
  • Are you willing to fight to win the game, or do you easily allow it to be snatched away by others?
  • You need to carry on even if the crowd is not on your side.
    Some of the biggest wins in inventions happened to people, who weren’t the crowd’s favorites. Like the Wright Brothers, they were never the favorites to win the race to put the first plane in the air. But they believed in what they did, and they got their own support crew. Don’t base your success on the number of followers you have on social media, and how many likes or engagements you get.


If you need to change the mindset of your leaders and your team?

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  1. Jacques de Villiers

    Great metaphor, Yoke.

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