Do you want to ooze with confidence in your next presentation?

How have you been connecting and building trust with clients online? Have you been running live sessions, making videos or webinars?

Research by google shows, that it takes 7 hours for a client to trust you.

Which means that if you haven’t been making videos or running webinars or generating content- you should start immediately.

But many people, dislike Public speaking, and even more over a webcam

  • Most people don’t like how they look on camera, and the sound of their own voice.
  • Many aren’t tech-savvy and don’t know where to start.

Furthermore, the moment you post content, you will get judged based on:

  • your body language
  • eye contact
  • your confidence
  • your energy
  • Your presentation style
  • if they can trust you.
  • We want to teach you how to build Trust & credibility with your clients, through your message, your stage craft and your presence online!

We understand…

that you’ve probably never worked with a microphone, addressed a conference, or run a webinar, and that it may seem very overwhelming.

That’s why we have been helping executives to develop their message, their structure & their voice through a 6-week online program to develop their presentation skills.

Pop us an email at

yokevandam@y-connect.biz to get on the waiting list

Presentation skills, Public speaking, Speaker, Yoke van Dam

In our 6-week programme you will learn and practically develop your own messages, presentations, videos and get feedback.

Presentation skills, Public speaking, audience engagement, Zoom training
Presentation skills, Public speaking, audience engagement, Zoom training
Presentation skills, Public speaking, audience engagement, Zoom training
Presentation skills, Public speaking, audience engagement, Zoom training
Presentation skills, Public speaking, audience engagement, Zoom training

Will I really find value through this course?

Right before I walked into the boardroom I used Yoke’s techniques and visualisations, and it definitely paid off, as I won the funding!

Marianthe Stella Smart, winner of the Pitch SA, Short film Producer, Actress, Writer

I want to make short videos to promote my business, will it help me?

Thank you Yoke for your 6 week Power of Persuasion Bootcamp – it was a great opportunity to learn more about communicating online and through video. I feel a lot more confident on video subsequent to your bootcamp and have a real sense of the power in short, punchy and to the point, as well as the value of storytelling. I am working on several videos for my business now and hope to make it a primary medium of communication for marketing over the next few months. Thank you for being an incredibly generous trainer and providing constructive and honest feedback!

Briony Liber – Career and business coach

I want to run online workshops …

Lorraine Gace

I highly recommend Yoke Van Dam’s online 6 week Power of Persuasion course . I chose to go on it when I realized that I could benefit from clear guidance & helpful tips on to how to run my workshops online . I was also particularly drawn to the section on how to make engaging videos for use in getting my message across . Yoke has the most incredible gift in helping one turn your message into a story line that itself .Her bubbly compassionate personality enables one to grow with ease & confidence in her sessions and she is a highly motivating business leader . For anyone who may feel overwhelmed in knowing where to start making the changes in order to pivot your business online , Yoke provides a wealth of information & practical guidance.

Lorraine Gace – Home and lifestyle change consultant

Will you really be transformed?

See for yourself! Here is a sample of one of the delegates video pitches at the end of week 6 with feedback from Yoke and the group.

What are the benefits of doing this program?

  • You will overcome imposter syndrome and have a boost of confidence
  • Your audience will be more open to your message because you will be speaking from their world perspective.
  • Your personal brand will be aligned to your message, social media and speaking style.
  • You will know how to adapt your body language and voice for maximum affect.
  • Your storytelling will draw your clients closer, to trust you more and build your credibility, your stories will create a need for clients to buy from you.
  • Your persuasion techniques you can apply to emailers, to presentations and advertising campaigns.
  • Your message will become “sticky”. People will remember what you’ve said and take action.
  • You will feel confident in presenting over video, Facebook lives and running a webinar.
  • You will fly high during meetings over radio, tv and job interviews.

By attending this seminar you will be able to:

  • Recall:
    • the various structures of building your message,
    • tools to build confidence
    • How to tell a story
  • Analyse and adapt their own personal brand on:
    • Social media
    • Professional engagements
    • Presentation styles.
  • Analyse and adapt their:
    • Body language
    • Voice image
    • Virtual background and online presentation style
    • Use of props and slides.
    • Core message, writing and delivery style
    • Ways of creating engagement
    • Call to action
  • Experiment with adapting their message to:
    • Various personalities, audiences and learning styles
    • Online, video and live sessions
    • Collaboration tools
  • Interpret and apply the persuasion techniques and making a message “sticky”.
  • Create, design, develop and deliver a message over zoom that can be used for a sales presentation, success story or video pitch.
  • Manage and Apply these techniques for when it matters:
    • Doing a online presentation
    • Running a webinar
    • Presenting to a new client
    • Speaking at an online conference
    • Being interviewed on television or radio
    • Getting “buy in” from shareholders

Who should attend

  • Business executives that want to increase their influence, their power and become powerful influencers.
  • Business owners and sales teams that want to optimize attraction marketing and videos to engage and attract their ideal clients.
  • Sales and marketing teams that want to engage online with their clients through webinars, videos or online meetings.
  • If you want to be able to tell a strong story, and confidently speak at a conference

Yoke van Dam – Distinguished Toastmaster, NLP Practitioner, International Trainer

Yoke van Dam is a mindset disruptor of leaders and teams. She is a qualified Behavioural Change and Leadership Coach, Professional Speaker, Facilitator, International Trainer and Sales Consultant with more than 17 years’ experience. She is specialized in Neuro-linguistic Programming and extremely passionate about equipping leaders and sales teams to thrive in pitches on stage or in-front of their screen. She is a well-known thought leader for sales, presentations and leadership development.

Can this be offered inhouse for our team?

Yes, contact us at yokevandam@y-connect.biz to set up a zoom meeting to discuss your team’s needs.

Do you want to take your learning even further? With a Presentation coaching session?

Book a coaching package with us, contact yokevandam@y-connect.biz

to enquire on our packages.

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    Hi Teresa, the course runs over 6 weeks, every module is 1.5 hour. The homework per week should not take you more than 20-30 minutes.
    Hope that helps, we still have tickets left but it closes tomorrow. You can book here: https://www.y-connect.biz/power_of_persuasion_presentation/

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