Do your teams feel safe to make mistakes?

Are your teams allowed to make mistakes, and if they do, how do you handle it? How can you as a leader create a safe space for your teams to take risks and try things out? … Read More

Limiting beliefs in sales

What stops you and your team from selling, connecting and pitching?

Ever since lock-down happened in March 2020 many business owners and salespeople have felt embarrassed to sell to their clients in a rocky and uncertain economy. How has it been for you? Have you thought or believed any of these … Read More


How do you create your own happiness?

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Emotional Intelligence tips for caregivers during lockdown, quarantine and social isolation

Tips for Caregivers during social isolation, lockdown and quarantine.

What if the danger outside, is suddenly inside your own house? Here are some Mental health tips for Care givers during lockdown, social isolation and quarantine. Even since Lockdown conditions started in our country in March 2020, so many of … Read More

Goalsetting, Ronel Jooste, Yoke van Dam speaker

Finishing the race strong

At the end of October every year, I am always slightly shocked to see Christmas decorations in every store. It’s as if its signaling to our brains, that it’s Christmas time. Time to switch off, relax and hit the beach. … Read More