Yoke van Dam

How to sell at a higher price

Are you running around, having many calls and meetings and still struggling to hit your target?
I had the same problem. I had to learn to anchor higher in sales. If you are in consultative sales we can help you develop your sales team to sell at a higher yield and make their targets easier. … Read More

Do your teams feel safe to make mistakes?

Are your teams allowed to make mistakes, and if they do, how do you handle it? How can you as a leader create a safe space for your teams to take risks and try things out? … Read More

lead during turbulant times

How to lead during turbulent times

Turbulence have struck all around the world, as offices are closing down and many people are asked to work from home -with the spread of the Corona Virus. How can you as a Leader, lead your team during these turbulent … Read More

Y-Connect public speaker 2

Lessons learned from speaking on stage

How to prepare for a big presentation 10 years ago, in 2008 I joined Toastmasters.  My mentor at the time (the late Vic Brits) would be furious with me, if I didn’t have my speech prepared, memorized and ready-for our … Read More