Do you want to attract the right type of clients to your business? Do you want to increase your influence and presence with clients?

Covid-19 has caused so many businesses to have to pivot online. For Sales people and business owners, this means you now have to attract clients to speak to them over video, Facebook lives, digital marketing and eventually do the sales call online.

When your client sees your video or attends an online meeting with you, they will judge you based on the following:

How can we help?

In our 6-week programme (1.5 hour per week) you will learn and practically develop your own messages, presentations, videos and get feedback.

Value adds

Value R500

Value R500

Professional speaker, Yoke van Dam, Sales trainer, Sales speaker

Value R500

Yoke van Dam, Sales trainer, Sales speaker, Presentation skills

Value R250

NLP specialist, behavioural change, podcast, Yoke van Dam, Professional Speaker.

Value R850

Value R500

Value R500


What have others enjoyed in our courses and coaching?

This has increased my confidence and can greatly build my business.

Candice Ashwin, Operations & Account Director at Pixel Ink Production Agency

I look forward to making 10 tips on video content as an educational after the camp. I will be applying these stories on LinkedIn and in storytelling to my clients.

Candice Ashwin, Operations & Account Director at Pixel Ink Production Agency

Right before I walked into the boardroom I used Yoke’s techniques and visualisations, and it definitely paid off, as I won the funding!

Marianthe Stella Smart, winner of the Pitch SA, Short film Producer, Actress, Writer

She recently coached me for a very high stakes film funding pitch, and as well as practical presentation skills, she also helped me focus my goals and have a clear vision.

Marianthe Stella Smart, Winner of the Pitch SA, Short Film Producer, Actress, writer

I can apply the methods of breaking down stories into a set structure in my presentations going forward, as well as making those stories relevant to the specific target audience in the room

David Fischer, Marketing Sales Specialist, Cushman & Wakefield Excellerate Brand Management 
Advertising and Property industry

I wanted to learn how to run a web-based training course. I have found great value in learning practical skills, learning by experience by giving my presentation and learning from my peers. I look forward to the session on Persuasion and influence.

Steve Johnson, CEO, GrowthLeaders Africa

Yoke van Dam – Distinguished Toastmaster, NLP Practitioner, International Trainer

Yoke van Dam is a mindset disruptor of leaders and teams. She is a qualified Behavioural Change and Leadership Coach, Professional Speaker, Facilitator, International Trainer and Sales Consultant with more than 17 years’ experience. She is specialized in Neuro-linguistic Programming and extremely passionate about equipping leaders and sales teams to thrive in pitches on stage or infront of their screen. She is a well-known thought leader for sales, presentations and leadership development.

Interview with Prof Tommy du Plessis North West University Business School after lecture given to MBA students.

For any questions or inhouse programs contact us at

yokevandam@y-connect.biz or +27 76 7900 582.


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