What stops you and your team from selling, connecting and pitching?

Limiting beliefs in sales

Ever since lock-down happened in March 2020 many business owners and salespeople have felt embarrassed to sell to their clients in a rocky and uncertain economy. How has it been for you?

Have you thought or believed any of these things this last year?

  1. I’m too old
  2. I’m not smart enough
  3. I’m not educated enough
  4. I’m afraid of trying and failing
  5. You have to have money to make money
  6. I’ve already tried everything
  7. It’s selfish of me to want more
  8. I don’t feel that I really deserve it
  9. I don’t have the willpower

Or these beliefs regarding sales?

  1. The clients would contact me if they need something.
  2. The clients don’t want to spend right now.
  3. They will call back, or send an order, after I’ve pitched.
  4. I don’t want to be a nag.
  5. Client’s don’t want to hear from me.
  6. What value can I possibly bring in sales?
  7. Covid means that no one is spending.
  8. I can’t sell from home.
  9. If I can’t have a face to face meeting, I’d rather do nothing.

These are all examples of Limiting beliefs, the things that is holding you back from achieving your results. We all deal with these all the time. It is up to you to check if they are the truth, and to challenge them. So you can achieve your results.

If you are simply selling to clients that are requesting to do business with you, you are competing with all your competitors for the 3 % that are ready to buy right now. (Chet Holmes, the Ultimate Sales Machine). The client is looking to move to the end-result, can you figure out what that is? And can you show them, how you are simply the vehicle that can help get them there .

Later on we will address how to address these.

What did Covid bring to businesses?

1.A Fear of failure and uncertainty

Charlotte Kemp, the Futures Alchemist recently spoke at the PSASA (Professional speakers of Southern Africa) and explained: many businesses went into full on survival mode when Covid hit. They shut down from caring about the environment, their community and others. They first had to secure their own family first, and then their business. They asked questions like “how will we pay our people” “how can our business survive?”.

2.Businesses stopped being pro-active.

Liz Bharo, Brand strategist from Ostara studio says that a trend that she has seen, is that businesses stopped being pro-active and have been focused on killing the fires. Never stopping to check the trends or to test new strategies. When you speak to clients now can you create perspective on why they now need to do things differently than the last 11 months?  What will happen if they don’t make any changes right now? And don’t start planning, budgeting and making changes in their business?

3.Marketing and training budgets were cut:

From the training and coaching side, there was a general lack of investing in developing teams. And this has led to many more issues. By not developing teams and leaders and making them feel cared for-many business are sitting with low levels of engagement and productivity. This leads into micro-management, a lack of trust and developing of toxic cultures.

Many of the clients who stopped doing work with their teams has resignations and general disengagement where many of the teams are simply working for the paycheck not fully bought into the purpose of the company.

What happened in your industry, if your clients stopping spending on your product or service? Is there risks they are not aware of? Are there other issues-they not seeing?

If I as a training provider, held unto the Limiting beliefs that no one wants to spend on training, I would have missed out on developing teams in the last few months.

Instead, I created a need, this is what my strategy was , perhaps you will find ideas for your sales team?

  • I contacted clients and asked: “how is your business doing? “what has been going on in your marketplace? “ What is keeping you up at night? “ How can I support you?”
  • I zoned in on the section of business where my core business was coming from: processes, people and leaders. I asked questions: “what is happening with your teams? How motivated are they? This often led into a sales discussion.
  • I shared stories and case studies of work that I’ve done in the time that I hadn’t seen them.
  • I acted as a trusted business advisor and gave inputs and insights.
  • I also decided to challenge the thinking of the clients, point out risks and opportunities for them. Very often we get so overwhelmed in our own business having outside perspective can make a great difference.
  • Can you ask them about their long- and short-term goals?

How can you identify and overcoming limiting beliefs in sales? Ask yourself:

  • What is stopping me from calling, speaking or having meetings with my clients?
  • Why can’t I contact new prospects?
  • How can I support clients right now?
  • What insights, trends and opportunities can I share with a client?
  • How can I support them without selling anything?
  • How can I support them through my products and services?
  • What will happen if they don’t make changes in their business? What will they lose out on?
  • What evidence have I had that what I do is of value to clients?
  • Can you write down affirmations for yourself -and stick it on a post it note on your wall?

At Y-Connect we offer individual and group coaching sessions to help your team with:

  • accountability for leaders, teams and sales teams.
  • overcoming limiting beliefs
  • develop new strategies of making business easier for you and your team
  • developing your business story
  • building your confidence in public speaking
  • developing teamwork, time-management and offering support
  • to develop new sales and team strategies.

Set up a zoom call to discuss with us here or arrange a face to face meeting.

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