Why is teamwork crucial right now?

Teamwork with Y-Connect

As the second wave hit the world, most countries have been in lockdown, others have extreme social distancing, and most people will be working from home again. What I’ve seen with many of my clients, is that working from home often leads to isolation, a lack of teamwork and a feeling of loneliness. And if left to its own devices it has a massive impact on your staff engagement, productivity and bottom line.

So many of the leaders that I’ve worked with struggle to delegate tasks, and some would go as far as, ignoring their teams and simply doing the work themselves. Because for them, it’s too much effort to train and coach a team member.

I want to encourage you to be different. And as a leader to be a Team player, and to understand the real value and impact of teamwork.

So why is teamwork important?

1.The philosopher Aristotle once said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

Teamwork with Y-Connect

Have you ever played sports in a team? A team consists of different members with different strengths and that is how they are allocated their positions whether you are playing hockey, socker, rugby or football.  In hockey, if you are good at defense, and hitting long shots, you will probably play a back, or a sweeper. If you are excellent at sprinting and attack, you will be the front three players, expected to score goals and lead the attack.

What are the different strengths in your team, can you allocate their positions based on their strengths?

2.Teams feed on each other’s energy


I’ve recently realized that I may have all of the capabilities to do the work myself, but doing it with someone else, just makes it so much more fun, it also allows for inputs from more than one party, and you ultimately end up with something much better than doing it on your own.  Teams have the ability of uplifting each other, of creating a vibe and when one team member is down, others can lift them up through motivation.

3. Having a “best-friend” at work increases performance.

According to Gallup’s research they have found a concrete link between having a best friend at work and the amount of effort the staff will put into expanding their work .”Women who strongly agree they have a best friend at work are more than twice as likely to be engaged (63%) compared with the women who say otherwise (29%).” -Gallup

How do you create a culture where friendships can naturally thrive?

  1. By promoting communication and collaboration
  2. Encouraging people to get to know each other
  3. By promoting and participating in social activities.

In a future article we will give you ideas on how to promote this culture more, especially in a remote setting.


How can you as a leader influence your team?

I’m an NLP practitioner and love the world of Neuroscience, and David Rocks Scarf model is one that I use a lot in my training and coaching.

David Rocks says that in Neuroscience people get motivated to either move away from the fire, or towards the reward. If you apply the SCARF model on your teams, you will see wonderful results.

In March 2020, I spoke I referred to the SCARF model of David Rocks, which helps you as a leader influence your teams.

Persuasion skills by Y-Connect
SCARF model by David Rock’s


People either get motivated or demotivated by status. Do you make them look better or worse in front of others?


Does your team know what is expected of them? Do you give them training and constantly remind them of what is expected of them? When we are certain what is expected of us, it allows us to deliver in the right way.


Humans love making our own decisions. In some ways as adults, our inner 3-year-old comes out, when someone says to us: “You MUST do this”, we automatically think (“Hell no”). How can you give your team goals, deliverables, and challenges, but still offer them choice? Could this have to do with how they run their week, plan their day ?  Can you give them the goal, support them, but then get out of their way?


This is aligned to the Friendship concept as explained through Gallup’s research, watch the 5-minute video for more. https://youtu.be/58m6gMANhj8


Does your team feel that they are being treated fairly? Or do the rules only apply to a few of them?

And lastly, Be Congruent


In NLP we speak about the concept of Congruence: “What you say, what you think, and what you do, needs to be in-line”. Your staff will watch what you do, and not just listen to what you say. Are you walking the talk, or can they not model your behaviour, because you are not an example to them of what is expected?

At Y-Connect we help companies to develop their leaders and teams. We want to help you create a culture where people feel connected, thriving on collaboration, friendship and your core values. Reach out to us, if you want to impact the behaviour, attitudes or skills of your team.

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Written by Yoke van Dam

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